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Entry Doors

  • Style is Key Your front door makes a strong statement about your house, so look for doors that express your personal style but also your home's style. Remember that doors should have agreement with the architecture of your home.
  • The Security Test When you find a style that appeals to you, try it out for security. Does it have a deadbolt lock? Will it hold up in extreme weather conditions, if applicable? Steel doors offer the greatest security again forced entry,
  • The Durability Test You want to install it and forget about it. What kind of maintenance does it require? Ask about warping, rotting or cracking. Does it need for repainting?
  • Get the Light Decorative glass panels let in natural light and allow for a view. How about transoms or sidelights? Options include tempered impact glass, glass that limits UV rays and glass that reduces heat loss.
  • Price Check Double check the price against other doors you have looked at. Quality doors are available in all price levels. The heavier the door, the more expensive.
  • Measure it What size door do you need? Know the size of your rough opening. If adding a new decorative element or architectural interest, do you have to expand the door size?

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