Choosing By Steven M. Fisher


There are numerous showerheads available on the market. Choose a handheld version with a controlled spray to bathe children, wash a pet or help those who need to shower sitting down. Some mount on a vertical slide for versatility and allow for height differences. The wall-mounted shower is most common with an overhead shower placed on the ceiling. This may require more water to operate. Body spray showerheads are small showerheads installed in series of two or three along opposite walls. The ultimate is body mist shower with a series of jets in a single bar to gently wash the body and have adjustable force and spray patterns.

Hiring a Contractor

Look for a contractor who is licensed by your state, has been in business for at least 5 years, and carries worker’s compensation and general liability insurance(and get copies of his policies). Also make sure that he has sufficient capital and doesn’t need your business to pay this month’s bills.


Ranges are like a stage for performing and have become the status symbol of the kitchen. There are free-standing or slide-in models, or built-in. Usually you select the same type of replacement range to avoid renovations, The larger professional type ranges add glamour as well as heat. They need better ventilating system and may need fireboards next to adjoining cabinets.


Color will be the first element you respond to, so look for colors that express your personal style or work with colors you already have in your room.

Entry Doors

Your front door makes a strong statement about your house, so look for doors that express your personal style but also your home's style. Remember that doors should have agreement with the architecture of your home.

Door Hardware

Think of exterior door hardware as a fine piece of jewelry on a solid color door. There are a wide variety of styles and finishes to complement your home from classic contemporary. The rule is to match the exterior hardware to other metallic features, such as lights or house numbers.

Interior Paint

There are numerous choices available in paint. Choose a flat finish for most walls and ceilings in living spaces, such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Semi gloss, which is easier to clean and less shine than gloss, is great for bathrooms, kitchen mudrooms, doors, windows and trim. Eggshell is smooth low-sheen finish is great for family rooms, hallways and staircases And buy latex (water based) paint for virtually any room as it dries fast and cleans easily.

Kitchen Sinks

There are numerous sink configurations available on the market. Choose a single bowl version without the central divide to wash large pots, baking pans and cookie sheets. A double bowl increases the functionality and efficiency for multitasking food preparation as well as cleanup. Triple bowl sink is great is you have room because of the added workspace. Also consider a secondary sink for expanding water delivery or basin space.

Shower Doors

As the shower has become a bigger focus in the bath again, shower doors have followed suit. The purpose of the shower door is to trap heat generated by steam. New designs move beyond that. They include partial doors, called screens or shields. A piece of glass is mounted to tub wall or floor and does not move. The purpose is to shield water from the floor.


New windows can change the look of your house, so rather than just replace existing windows with replicas, look for windows that express your personal style but also your home’s style. Consider double hung windows for traditional style while horizontal slider and awning windows are more modern design. The mutins or grids on a window can give the house a period look

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